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Vivacelle Bio moved up to top ten at 43 North Start up competition. Please see video of final pitch below.

Vivacelle Bio qualifying pitch at 43 North Start up Competition.

Vivacelle Bio has moved up in a 43 North Start up Competition sponsored by New York State.  See hyperlinks below. 16 companies were chosen out of 502 and we were ONE of them. After one more round, we could win 500,000 to 1 million dollars in equity investment. 8 winners will be selected out of the 16 companies and 5 of those will receive 500,000 K, 2 will receive 650 K and 1 will receive the 1 million dollars in equity investment.

Click links below for more information on the competition.

We're IN it to WIN it!

Dr. Cuthbert Simpkins will be a featured speaker during The New Orleans Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 28-July 1, 2017. He will present "A New Organ Protective Volume Expanding Perfusion (VB-1) Fluid Based on Phospholipid Nanoparticles".

The conference is organized by perfusionists and cardiothoracic surgeons who specialize in heart and lung operations and transplantation. The New Orleans Conference - Las Vegas Edition offers unique learning opportunities with lectures on diagnosing and treating coagulopathy, beating heart organ donation, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, brain protection, Trans-Cranial Doppler, ECMO/VAD therapies, Medical Law and many more topics.

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Cuthbert Simpkins, Founder, President and Chief Innovation Officer, Vivacelle Bio, was featured at the GIANT Global Innovation and New Technology Health Event in London, November 16, 2016

Cuthbert Simpkins, MD, Founder, President, and Chief Innovation Officer of  Vivacelle® Bio, Inc., delivered a presentation “Nanoparticles and all that Jazz” on November 16, 2016 during The Global Innovation and New Technology Health Event in London.

Sponsored by GIANT Health, this event combines a conference, trade show and consumer fair showcasing leading technologies and is the most informative and network bridging event within #HealthTechWeek. Using a dynamic, interdisciplinary forum it will create, shape and celebrate new thinking in health innovation that will translate to helping people live better lives. The Event was held November 16-19, 2016.

Vivacelle Bio is a US-based life sciences company established in 2013 to develop and commercialize as its first product VBI-1, a novel nanoparticle, lipid-based intravenous resuscitation fluid to reverse the consequences of hypovolemia and hypovolemic shock.  The company has completed preclinical development of VBI-1 and is preparing to enter clinical trials in 2017.

During this presentation, Dr. Simpkins discussed the critical need for improved therapeutics to treat shock caused by acute blood loss from trauma, surgical procedures and other conditions and his efforts to develop VBI-1.

He also shared his personal journey of growing up during the height of the US civil rights movement through being a student at Harvard Medical School, writing the definitive biography of John Coltrane, working as a trauma surgeon, founding Vivacelle Bio and identifying a nanoparticle technology to better treat the underlying pathophysiology of shock.  He identified parallels between life science product development and jazz, citing the influence and innovation of John Coltrane on his efforts.

Cuthbert Simpkins talks about how he drew inspiration from music to start is own biotech company

Cuthbert Simpkins, President and Chief Innovation Officer at Vivacelle Bio, Inc. talks to us about his intriguing presentation on ‘Nanoparticles and all that jazz’ at the Giant Health Event in London. Cuthbert explains how he drew inspiration from music, particularly John Coltrane, and highlights the way that science and music are developed using similar patterns. The inspiration that he gained from Coltrane and his jazz enabled him to start his own biotech company, Vivacelle, where they have developed a nanoparticle technology to solve problems in the pathophysiology shock in critical care. A company focussed on innovation, Cuthbert emphasises that there will be many more products in the pipeline.

Cuthbert Simpkins on reducing the bioavailability of nitric oxide to improve patient survival

Cuthbert Simpkins, President and Chief Innovation Officer at Vivacelle Bio, Inc. talks to us about the origin of Vivacelle Bio. He mentions how despite being able to fix physical injury, death can still occur due to an overproduction of nitric oxide, which acts as a blood vessel dilator. Stopping nitric oxide from being produced, clamps down blood flow allowing a better chance of survival. The challenge is to reduce the bioavailability of nitric oxide, while at the same time allowing its production.

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