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Resuscitation Fluid

United States



Resuscitation Fluid




Resuscitation Fluid




Resuscitation Fluid

China P.R.



Resuscitation Fluid

United States



Resuscitation Fluid

United States



Resuscitation Fluid

United States



Resuscitation Fluid




Resuscitation Fluid

European Patent Convention



Resuscitation Fluid

Hong Kong



Resuscitation Fluid

New Zealand



Resuscitation Fluid

South Africa



Methods and Compositions for Treating Conditions Related To Lack of Blood Supply, Shock And Neuronal Injuries

United States



Methods and Compositions for Treating Conditions Related To Lack of Blood Supply, Shock And Neuronal Injuries

United States



Resuscitation Fluid






Method for Treating Hypovolemia, Ischemia and Hemorrhaghic Shock in a Mammal

Eurasian Patent Convention



Resuscitation Fluid




Resuscitation Fluid




Resuscitation Fluid

South Korea



Methods and Compositions for Treating Conditions Related To Lack of Blood Supply, Shock And Neuronal Injuries

United States



Methods and Compositions for Treating Conditions Related To Lack of Blood Supply, Shock And Neuronal Injuries

United States



Resuscitation Fluid 
China P.R. 

 Methods and Compositions for Treating Conditions Related to Lack of Blood Supply, Shock and Neuronal Injuries

 United States
 9,622,968 04/18/2017
 Resuscitation Fluid  India
Resuscitation Fluid   Canada

Methods and Compositions for Treating Conditions Related to Lack of Blood Supply, Shock and Neuronal Injuries

European Patent Convention
2663326 11/22/2017
Methods and Compositions for treating Conditions Related to Lack of Blood Supply, Shock and Neuronal Injuries
China P.R.
 ZL201180064963.2 04/01/2015

Vivacelle Bio, Inc. has secured trademark protection in the European Union, China and in the United States.

Vivacelle Bio, Incorporated has landed, yet, another patent!

Methods and compositions for treating conditions related to lack of blood supply, shock and neuronal injuries

Historical Progression

December 2008

Dr. Cuthbert Simpkins filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for patent protection of a novel oxygen-carrying resuscitation fluid to treat hypovolemia/hypovolemic shock.

November 2011

Dr. Cuthbert Simpkins was issued his first patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for an oxygen-carrying resuscitation fluid to treat hypovolemia/hypovolemic shock.

December 2012

Research that serves as the basis for Vivacelle Bio, Inc.’s lead product, Vivacelle, was published in the scientific journal Perfusion.

August 2013

Vivacelle Bio, Inc. (VBI) was formed as a Delaware “C” corporation.

December 2013

VBI enters lease agreement with the University of Illinois at Chicago’s biotech incubator, EnterpriseWorks Chicago at 2242 W. Harrison Street, Chicago, Illinois.  The lease includes dedicated office space, access to wet lab space and utilization of several state of the art conference rooms.  

VBI was also awarded a $5,000 grant by the University of Illinois to advance its work in developing a safe and effective lipid emulsion to treat hypovolemia.   

May 2014

VBI successfully raised $550,000 from  Friends & Family in the first half of 2014.

August 2014

VBI filed two (2) SBIR grant applications on August 5, 2014,  with the National Health Institute (NIH). 

October 2014

VBI joined the Bunker Incubator at 1871(Merchandise Mart Chicago).  As of October 2014, VBI has been co-incubating with The Bunker Incubator at 1871 and EnterpriseWorks Chicago (the University of Illinois Biotech Incubator).  VBI will retain its tenancy at EnterpriseWorks Chicago which began in December of 2013.  The Bunker is an incubator for military veteran managed/owned businesses.  By joining the Bunker, VBI has enhanced both its visibility and access to valuable resources to support our commercialization efforts.

January, 2015

Changes to the VBI Team were announced in January 2015.  Mr. James Hussey, the President and Chief Operations Officer of Sagent Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ ticker: SGNT) has joined the VBI Advisory Board with the full expectation of joining the Board of Directors later in 2015.  Mr. Hussey has been a co-founder with several previous biotech startups.  Dr. Harven DeShield is now the Chief Legal & Operations Officer of VBI.  Dr. DeShield has assumed the duties formerly performed by Mr. Ed Nichols who now serves on VBI's Advisory Board.   

VBI won the Judges' Choice Award for the Energy Foundry Venture Capital Investor Competition held at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

February 2015

VBI presented at the Chicago Arch Angels’ Monthly Meeting.

March 2015

VBI participated in a MATTER networking event which was the official opening reception for the Mid-America Ventures’ Forum.

VBI presented at the Mid-America Healthcare Venture Forum.

April 2015

Dr. Christopher Bryant is now the Chief Scientific Officer of Vivacelle Bio Inc. In addition to retaining the title of President of Vivacelle Bio, Inc., Cuthbert Simpkins, MD, now serves as Chief Innovation Officer of Vivacelle Bio, Inc.

June 2015 

VBI will participate in the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, PA (see scheduled for June 15-June 18, 2015 and will deliver a company presentation at the BIO International Convention on June 17, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Saving Time in Presentation Room, Theater 2, “The Gene Lantern”.   

Featured Startup: Vivacelle Bio, Inc.       

August 2015

Vivacelle Bio, Inc. presented “Lipid Micelle Emulsions for Resuscitation of Hemorrhagic Shock: Size Matters” at the Military Health System Research symposium (MHSRS).

November 2015

Stephen Keith M.D., M.S.P.H. has been appointed CEO of Vivacelle Bio, Inc. effective November 6, 2105.
Appointment of New CEO Vivacelle.pdf

May 2016

Vivacelle Bio had an article, "Intra-arterial Perimortem Resuscitation Using a Micellar Colloid published in Military Medicine. Authors were Cuthbert Simpkins MD, Krishna Talluri MD and Mallory Williams MD. In this article it was shown that intra-arterial infusion of oxygenated emulsion was capable of restoring life 5 minutes after death even without CPR. This finding could change the approach to resuscitation.

Intra-Arterial Perimortem Resuscitation Using a Micellar Colloid - Article Military Medicine 2016.pdf - 0.8 MB

October 2016

Cuthbert Simpkins, MD, Founder, President, and Chief Innovation Officer of Vivacelle® Bio, Inc., will deliver a presentation “Nanoparticles and All That Jazz” on November 16, 2016 during The Global Innovation and New Technology Health Event in London. Sponsored by GIANT He this event combines a conference, trade show and consumer fair showcasing leading technologies and is the most informative and network bridging event within #HealthTechWeek. Using a dynamic, interdisciplinary forum it will create, shape and celebrate new thinking in health innovation that will translate to helping people live better lives. The Event will be held November 16-19, 2016.

During this presentation, Dr. Simpkins will discuss the critical need for improved therapeutics to treat shock caused by acute blood loss from trauma, surgical procedures and other conditions and his efforts to develop VBI-1. He will also share his personal journey of growing up during the height of the US civil rights movement through being a student at Harvard Medical School, writing the definitive biography of John Coltrane, working as a trauma surgeon, founding Vivacelle Bio and identifying a nanoparticle technology to better treat the underlying pathophysiology of shock.  He will seek to identify parallels between life science product development and jazz, citing the influence and innovation of John Coltrane on his efforts. Additional information may be obtained via

Vivacelle Bio is a US-based life sciences company established in 2013 to develop and commercialize as its first product VBI-1, a novel nanoparticle, lipid-based intravenous resuscitation fluid to reverse the consequences of hypovolemia and hypovolemic shock.  The company has completed preclinical development of VBI-1 and has submitted an IND to the FDA.

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