Vivacelle Bio

Vivacelle Bio

New Paradigm In Fluid Resuscitation
Vivacelle Bio, Inc.
VIVACELLE BIO, Inc. is a developmental stage biotechnology company focused on creating products that utilize nano-micelles technology.    The  Company's first product, VIVACELLE, is a colloid non-blood volume expander that appears to be two to three times more effective than the standard treatment for hypovolemia and safer in animal studies/experiments.  This new class of resuscitation fluids is named, VIVACELLE.

VIVACELLE restores blood pressure, circulating volume and there by increases survival in animal models of hypovolemia.  Hypovolemia, which occurs when there is inadequate fluid volume in the blood vessels, causes the death of over a one million people globally each year.  Causes include acute blood loss from trauma, surgery, shock, sepsis, severe diarrhea and burns.  When the circulating volume is inadequate to maintain tissue perfusion and oxygenation, cellular injury and death may result.

Rapid volume replacement and re-establishment of normal blood pressure are essential to survival. Unfortunately, the current fluid treatments for hypovolemia, such as non-blood volume expanders (colloids and crystalloids), blood products and blood substitutes have proven impractical and have the potential for significant negative adverse effects.  VIVACELLE, a
suspension of lipid droplets which form nano-micelles, represents a new paradigm for use in fluid resuscitation, safely restoring blood vessel volume and reversing the effects of hypovolemia.  In addition, VIVACELLE has several promising properties that may address other detrimental events contributing to cell death: 

  • Modulates Nitric Oxide (NO), (a potent vasodilator that drops the blood pressure and a precursor to highly toxic mediators)  
  • Reduces reperfusion injury 
  • Inhibits the inflammatory response 
  • Can be loaded with readily released oxygen 
  • Increases clearance of endotoxin 
  • Metabolizable and naturally-occurring components 
  • Provides an energy source

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